Tuesday, July 1, 2014

57" Rule

Since I finally started decorating my home again, I figured I would share one of my very favorite picture hanging tips. I used to never like hanging things on the wall (not necessarily from a decorating standpoint, but more or less from an OCD standpoint:-)) until I came across this little tidbit a few years ago. It's called the 57" Rule. I won't pretend it's the fastest method, but the results are well worth it! 

The idea is to always hang your wall decorations at 57" on center. In other words, the center of the wall decorations will always be 57" from the floor. It is believed this is the standard height that galleries and museums use when hanging artwork. Are you confused yet?! Keep reading...

1. Measure and mark 57" on the wall.
2. Measure the length (from top to bottom) of your picture and divide by 2.
3. Measure the top of your picture to the hook on the back.
4. Subtract the totals of No.2 and No.3.
5. Measure up from 57" with the results of No.4 and put your nail here.

Example: (from Apartment Therapy)
1. Picture is 20" tall
2. Middle is 10" down from top (this should rest at 57")
3. Wire comes to 2" below the top
4. 10" - 2" = 8"
5. Lightly mark 8" above our first mark OR 65" on the wall

Happy decorating!

*I actually like to hang my pictures approximately 5 inches (depending on the thickness of my crown molding at the bottom of the wall) above the 57" which would make it the 62" Rule (instead of the 57" Rule).

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