Saturday, June 23, 2012

Twenty Goals in Twenty-Twelve

  1. Make six DIY crafts (one has to be a sewing project).
    1. T-shirt Scarf
    2. Bauble Necklace
    3. Flower Magnet @ School
    4. Jewelry
    5. ????
  2. Read two books- Don't judge, it's better than zero.
    1. Radical by David Platt
    2. Same Kind of Different as Me by Ron Hall and Denver Moore
  3. Plan a big trip (such as Chicago, New York City, or Boston).
  4. Make five new recipes.
    1. Cookie Dough Dip
    2. Chicken Divan
    3. Pioneer Woman's Pancakes
    4. Black Bean Salad
    5. Bacon Wrapped Green Beans
    6. Frozen Strawberry Salad - and one to grow on!
  5. Figure out where we want to live for at least the next three years.
  6. Start a journal- Does a blog count?
  7. Celebrate Mom's 50th Birthday!!
  8. Make a birthday calendar.
  9. Go to an art retreat.
  10. Go shopping in Birmingham.
  11. Visit the flea market in Nashville.
  12. Go skiing with my dad.
  13. Start a new tradition with my husband.
  14. Learn how to can tomatoes- Amanda?? Are you reading this??
  15. Complete Red Velvet's Art Journal E-course.
  16. Learn to use my cricut.
  17. Vote!!
  18. Pray more.
  19. Make a few Christmas gifts this year.
  20. Start exercising.
What are some of your goals for 2012? We're half-way there!! 

p.s.  I promise to slow down on blogging soon.  After not doing it for so long, I feel like the flood gates have opened and refused to be shut these past few weeks.  The words just keep coming!  But alas, all good things must come to an end, right? And I am perfectly okay with that.  It has been very nice hearing from some of you though:)

p.p.s Sorry for the awkward spacing and gaps on my blog posts- it doesn't look like that on the drafts and I don't know how to fix it.


  1. Love reading your blog :)

    Ours is: :)

  2. I am so happy you are blogging again! It is very entertaining to read:)

    Some of our goals:
    1. Take Hayes on fun outings.
    2. Get our house ready to sell...maybe next year.
    3. Exercise regularly.
    4. Become better at sewing!