Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Oh, Brother

Last week my brother called my dad from Colorado (he’s working up there for a few months) and told him he was thinking about getting a motorcycle.  Please keep in mind my dad rode a motorcycle in high school- in fact, it was his only mode of transportation when he was younger.  Needless to say my dad was beyond EXCITED!!!!  Except he held it in.  He didn’t say one word while my brother was talking.   He waited until my brother hung up the phone and fiercely began researching them on the computer.  This was the day he had waited for the better half of his adult life!!

One thing you need to understand here is my dad gave up riding motorcycles once he became a father.  He recognized they were dangerous and never wanted to influence us on buying one once we were older.  But now… now that my brother was the one bringing it up, it was on like a chicken bone.

Dad's Motorcycle Drawing circa 1969
There’s only one problem with this story… my brother never mentioned getting a motorcycle after that day.  What was my dad supposed to do??  He was knee-deep in his research by now and way too excited about this possible new adventure.

Dad's Motorcycle Drawing circa 1969
I’m sure you can guess how this story endsJ Yes, my father is now the proud owner of a motorcycle.  And not just any motorcycle… a HARLEY!!!  And not just any Harley… the kind my husband wants!!!  Oh, Brother.

Dad's New Motorcycle circa 2012


  1. BROOKLYN!!!! I have been waiting anxiously for the day you came back to blog-land!!! Sorry I am late catching up, though...trips trips trips!! I LOVE your jewelry and want to see your stash in person!! Wait, maybe I will just come for a nice weekend with Stan and do ALL of the fun activities you mentioned, too!! Keep this up!

    Oh, and I love the bike drawings!

    Oh, and I know of a great market near me where you can sell your stuff this fall or next spring...maybe we could do it together one day! :)

  2. Guilty as charged and oh so true... :)

  3. Oh, Brother - no, it's Oh, Dear God!!! Can't blame it on mid-life, he's past that. I just hope he's careful & stays safe!

  4. Thanks for all of the sweet comments!