Sunday, June 24, 2012

Coming to a Craft Fair Near You

Okay, maybe that title is a little misleading, but it HAS always been a big dream of mine.  I think it would be so fun to sell my very own handmade crafts at a craft show someday- in fact, it’s one of the things on my bucket list.   Growing up, I am pretty sure my mom and I hit every single arts and craft exhibit our small town had to offer.  It was something we both enjoyed and looked forward to.

Although I’ve always had a passion for crafting- I’ve never really made the time for it.  This year I decided it was time to change that.  Since I’m a hands-on kind of girl and not very good with all of those do-it-yourself tutorials, I decided to google “craft retreats.”  There were a few in California and maybe one or two up north, but nothing that really captured my attention. Then it happened!!  Melanie Massey, the writer of one of the blogs I frequently read, decided to have her very own second art retreat!!  I was ecstatic to say the least.  I immediately called my mom and told her all of the details, sent her the links to Melanie’s previous retreat, told her how much it would cost (I may have been a little off on this part at firstJ), and asked her if she would come.  She said YES!! During the MoZart Retreat we learned how to decoupage canvases, texturize canvases, use mixed-media, paint with Vasoline, and make jewelry.  You can read more about our fun weekend here

Whew!  With all of that being said, I discovered that I LOVE making jewelry.  In addition, it’s the first thing that I have ever created and actually been able to give away.  I guess you could say I’m a little sentimental in that department.  I haven’t quite wrapped my mind around how I’m going to sell it at a craft fair yet, but I have decided to start selling it online!!  I figured this would at least let me get my feet wet and learn what works and what doesn’t work.  Here’s a few sneak peeks so far…

Yay for new adventures,

p.s. The website is not up yet because it kinda takes a while to photograph all of the earrings, but I promise to keep you posted on its progress.  I hope to have it up by the end of July.


  1. This is exciting!
    You always have cute jewelry so I am sure you will make some really neat earrings.

    (P.S.: I want to sell my crochet blankets on Etsy too.. but uhm.. I don't think people want to buy lop-sided blankets..... I am still working on making the blankets even.)

  2. How cool! Can't wait to see your "store" on etsy! And I just had an should host a craft weekend! It would be awesome and SO fun!

  3. Thanks for sharing in my excitement with me! Christina, if you made blankets I would buy them and make that my permanent baby shower gift from here on out! Seriously!

    Kristen, I love that idea!! Maybe we can talk Lindsey into teaching us some painting techniques too:)