Sunday, December 30, 2012

Updated: Twenty Goals in Twenty Twelve

  1. Make six DIY crafts (one has to be a sewing project).
    1. T-shirt Scarf
    2. Bauble Necklace
    3. Flower Magnet @ School
    4. Jewelry
    5. Paper Garland- Does sewing paper count?
  2. Read two books- Don't judge, it's better than zero.
    1. Radical by David Platt
    2. Same Kind of Different as Me by Ron Hall and Denver Moore
    3. A Marriage Without Regrets by Kay Arthur- Thanks for the recommendation, Lindsey and Kristen! I am halfway finished.
    4. Look Me In the Eye by John Elder Robison
  3. Plan a big trip (such as Chicago, New York City, or Boston).- One is in the works!
  4. Make five new recipes.
    1. Cookie Dough Dip
    2. Chicken Divan
    3. Pioneer Woman's Pancakes
    4. Black Bean Salad
    5. Bacon Wrapped Green Beans
    6. Frozen Strawberry Salad- Extra
    7. Homemade Blueberry MuffinsExtra +1
    8. Chicken Tortilla SoupExtra +2
    9. Morning Glory MuffinsExtra +3
    10. Italian Salad DressingExtra +4
    11. Omelets- Overachiever
  5. Figure out where we want to live for at least the next three years.- We have a tentative plan which is good enough for right now!
  6. Start a journal- Does a blog count?
  7. Celebrate Mom's 50th Birthday!!
  8. Make a birthday calendar.
  9. Go to an art retreat.
  10. Go shopping in Birmingham.
  11. Visit the flea market in Nashville.
  12. Go skiing with my dad.
  13. Start a new tradition with my husband.
  14. Learn how to can tomatoes- Amanda?? Are you reading this??
  15. Complete Red Velvet's Art Journal E-course.
  16. Learn to use my cricut.
  17. Vote!!
  18. Pray more.
  19. Make a few Christmas gifts this year.
  20. Start exercising.
This was probably one of the best things I could have done for myself this year- my only regret is that it took me 28 YEARS to figure this out!!  Making a personal goal list motivated me to do things when I would have normally felt too tired to do anything out of the ordinary.

Because I loved making a goal list soo much last year I am challenging you, my favorite readers, to make one with me in January 2013!!  I think it would be a great way to document your year on a page (or two).  Think about it... (a) It's easy, (b) It's super fast, and (c) It's an awesome keepsake to share with your family a few years from now.  Have I convinced you yet???  

I can't wait to see what some of you come up with:)

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