Sunday, May 17, 2009

Family Weekend!!

Red, Mom, and Michael came to visit Richard and me a few weekends ago!! We had such a blast spending time with everybody in Nashville. They arrived around 6 o' clock Friday night, which gave us just enough time to eat our barbeque sandwiches and visit the Grand Ole' Opry before hitting the sack.

The next morning I had to convince everybody into trying a yummy fish taco from the local Fish Market. Unfortunately, they were not very impressed- I guess I can't blame them too much because the place does kinda have a strong fishy smell:0?! Oh well, maybe that's why I like it ... it reminds me of good ole' Louisiana!! Next, we decided to join all the locals and tourists alike on the streets of downtown Nashville. Let me just say, my brother was quite the tourist!! He absolutely loved it- and we all loved seeing how much he loved it. He thought he had to have everything from the belt buckle, the cowboy hat(s), the Hank shirt, AND the music- He came to Tennessee a Rockstar and left a Cowboy in a true Nashvillian fashion.

Last but not least, I wanted to take my brother (and the rest of the crew) to the Jack Daniel's Distillery in Lynchberg, TN. Although I am not a supporter of drinking OR Jack Daniel's, I have to say that visiting the distillery is quite a unique and enjoyable experience. The humorous thing is the distillery resides in a dry county; therefore, they serve lemonade at the end of the tour rather than the expected Jack Daniel's:0. How funny is that?!

Well, after much fun, momma's homemade soup, and experiencing a little bit of what Tennessee had to offer, it was time for the family to return back to sweet Louis and Ana. Oh how I look forward to their visits?!


  1. Hey Home-girl. Didn't know if you had our blog name too. It is

    Now when we don't see you guys for 2 weeks, we can keep up with each other! Hope to see you guys soon. Erin is traveling the last weekend in May, so lets hang out!

  2. Cute pics! I was starting to think that the fish tacos sounded good until I thought about the smell, ha. I'm sure they're good, though :). Glad you guys had fun!

    Yes, Randi did go to Tech, and she went to Crossroads. Her husband, Josh was in our wedding. I think she's a year older than us?

  3. I sat and read your most recent blogs tonight and I must say that I agree about how God knows what His children need. I needed a good laugh, and as always, Brooklyn delivers. The 25 things about Fosh are very sweet and quite humorous, not to mention the part about using your car emblem as a necklace. Anyhow, I want you to know that I am very glad you were here this weekend. I needed you! Thanks a million. I love you!

  4. family visits are the best..!! hum... we should visit each other!

  5. Just discovered your blog, B! I'm creating one for our time in DC-- I'll send you the link when it's ready, and link to yours to boot :) Hope all is well in Tenn! You and Richard'll have to be our "family visit" once we're on the East Coast!

  6. Brooklyn,
    Enjoyed your blog very much. Fun!! Not sure if you'll check back on this comment section, but let me know if you do. I decided on two on the giveaway!! if you would like one- Keep blogging!!